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About Us

Ken J. Bailey arrived in Dunedin in 1955 with humble beginnings and only a trade to his name and began working as a brick and block-layer.

Not long after starting, Ken landed his first big job (5000 bricks) and had to borrow a bike to get from one end of town to the other to complete the work.

Soon after, he had just enough for his very first truck, a 1938 International, which by 1960 was replaced by a shiny new truck as the business succeeded and his reputation of providing quality work was widely known.

Ken’s son David (a 6th generation bricklayer himself) took over as manager of the business in the 1970s and concrete cutting was added to their available services.

Over the past 60 years, KJ Bailey has become a trusted brand known for their reliable and efficient service for delivering the most demanding of jobs on time, safely, and within budget. It is still a family owned business with David at the helm and his children Mat and Rachel heavily involved in the day to day running of the company.

More services have been added over time to provide a complete professional service for all commercial and residential concrete work including core drilling, concrete grinding and polishing, concrete sealing, and commercial grade floor coatings.

In summary, if it involves concrete, it should involved the trusted experience of K.J. Bailey.


We offer you
• Experienced Staff • Latest Methods and Technology • Quality Workmanship • Competitive Pricing
• Reliable Service • Timely completion of work • Excellent Reputation • Health & Safety compliant processes


We use top quality diamond saw blades to reduce dust and make a quick, more accurate cut in even the most reinforced concrete. We cover commercial jobs such as cutting into roading or bridges as well as residential work like decorative cuts, enlarging doors or creating openings in concrete walls and creating trenches for plumbing or electrical access. Our early entry soft cutting techniques prevent slabs from cracking with minimal fuss.


Core drilling is the process of making precise circular cuts in concrete to make smooth openings for a variety of applications. This can include creating holes for ventilation or plumbing purposes in solid concrete surfaces.


After grinding the concrete back to a smooth surface, an epoxy resin coating is applied to create a shiny, hard wearing floor. Check out our work at Oaken Cafe, McKenzie & Willis and Veggie Boys in Dunedin.


We offer individually tailored concrete flooring solutions for residential, commercial and industrial use. Whether it's a backyard patio, retail show room, industrial yard or a commercial factory floor we have the system and solution for you at a competitive price. For the most demanding customers we offer fibreglass resin solutions which are ideal for commercial environments where hygienic and sterile surroundings are essential.


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